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Ingres Dynamic Playback  v.rc.2.4.2

Ingres Dynamic Playback is a tool to play back prerecorded SQL statements to do functional and stress testing on the Ingres Database. More information here:

ISeries MRUNSQL  v.020

MRUNSQL is a command that allows iSeries (AS400, i5) developers to execute SQL statements from a command line. It is very handy for investigation and testing work. The supporting code is written in RPGLE and

JamaicaSql  v.1.0

Jamaica is a simple and light but powerful utility to execute sql statements, scripts etc. written entierly in

JXMLSQL  v.alpha.0.9

JXmlSql is a Java database API ( MySql, Oracle, Access )that eliminates JDBC code. JXmlSql allows developers to define application and prepopulation SQL statements inside xml files. Options for query, insert, update, delete, report and prepopulation

Messi  v.1.0

Messi is a REST ajax framework for java and php. Database is manipulated transparently via SQL statements using javascript. Records are fetched to browser as scrollable dataset linked to data-aware JS widges such as editable grid and various

Pgreplay  v.1.1.0

Reads a PostgreSQL database log file, extracts the SQL statements and executes them in the same order and timing against another database server. Useful for performance tests with real-world

PostgreSQL database query tool  v.0.0.1

PgQuery is an interactive GUI tool for querying PostgreSQL databases. After connecting to a database server you can open views and tables, send custom sql statements, export the result to CSV (local file) or send it to KSpread to open it as a

Possum - Simple bean persistence  v.1.0.1

A small and simple annotation-driven bean persistence package that allows the developer to define template-based sql statements for all

QueryJ  v.0.2

JDBC-based API to build always valid SQL statements. Other enhancements are: automatic table name and columns completions inside Java code, alias support, prepared statement parameter (?) management, SQL

SPWrapper  v.1.0

SPWrapper generates java (and now python) classes able to invoke stored procedures and to execute sql statements for you: you just have to give it the stored procedure name or the sql

SQLConsole  v.1.0

SQLConsole is a text editor for SQL statements, with color highlighting, that connects to databases using the Java/JDBC framework. The SQL statements can be run to obtain the

Sqldev  v.0.1

Front-end for managing JDBC compliant databases. It allows you to create/change database objects, run SQL statements, etc. It also allows you to manage database specific

SQLJEP  v.0.2

SQLJEP is a Java API for parsing and evaluating SQL-like expressions (SQL statements are not supported). It supports like,'is null',in,between predicates. It contains almost all Oracle's and MaxDB's functions. For example

TSQLDOM  v.1.0

A .Net library that generates the Transact SQL statements necessary for the creation of objects on a Microsoft SQL Server

Wfb2sql  v.0.6

wfb2sql is a Perl script that extracts information from the CIA World Factbook and creates SQL statements for IBM DB/2, PostgreSQL or MySQL. This data builds a perfect database for learning and teaching

WebSQL  v.1060524

A simple JSP for running SQL statements in a web browser. Entered SQL queries are returned to the user in an HTML table. Supports all ANSI SQL statements using your favorite JDBC

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